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Facilities Rental Agreement

  1. Policy

    Town of Kersey facilities are available, except for the Town Hall, for use by civic and community groups and private individuals when such use does not interfere with Town sponsored activities, however:

    • The facilities are not available for commercial purposes.
    • No admission may be charged for any event, meeting, or exhibit.
    • No smoking or alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises.
    • Youth groups must be supervised by an adult sponsor.
    • Groups and individuals using the facilities may not enter the library when it is closed unless unauthorized.

  2. Cost

    • A $25 damage deposit is required, refundable if there is no damage and the facilities are left clean and in good condition.
    • There is no charge for use of the facilities by civic and community groups.
    • There is an $40 charge for use of the Community Room/Senior Center when being used by private groups and individuals.
    • A charge will be made to repair or replace damaged equipment, furnishings and property.

    Keys for the facilities may be checked out on the Town Hall the business day before the scheduled use. Keys must be returned to the Town Hall the first business day after the use.

  3. Rental Request Information

  4. I hereby agree to abide by the above listed policy and to supervise the activities and the facilities, and to be responsible to the Town of Kersey for any damage that may occur to the building or property while under by supervision. I further agree to clean the facility immediately after use, remove all trash and debris, and to leave the facility in the condition it was found.

    I also agree to release and hold harmless the Town of Kersey from all liability and/or responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss to any person participating or attending the function stated above.

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